Gary Vitto Scholarship

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MHSBCA – Gary Vitto Scholarship


Application Form


Name________________________________ Date_______________________


High School_______________________________________________________


Recommending Coach______________________________________________


Years of H.S. Baseball__________ Other Sports_________________________


____________________________ Number of Years______________________


Chosen Institution of Higher Education__________________________________


Have you been accepted? ___________ G.P.A.___________ A.C.T__________


Class Rank ________________________ Out of_________________________


Home Address____________________________________________________


List All Non-Athletic School Activities___________________________________


Parent or Guardian_________________________________________________




City_____________________ Zip _____________ Telephone_______________


Family Earned Income in Last Tax Year_________________________________


Parent’s Social Security Number______________________________________


Number of Dependent Children Attending College Next Fall_________________


High School Honors________________________________________________


  • Applicant needs a letter of recommendation from his coach and one other Faculty or Administrator (not Principal) attached to this form.
  • Please include a photograph with your application.
  • The applicant should attach a personal statement, discussing his personal aspirations and goals, and the importance of baseball in his life.
  • Coaches must be a member of the Michigan High School Baseball Coaches Association.





Verification by Principal:



I, the principal of the above named high school, verify that the information on this form and the attached letters are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I recommend this student based on the character and attributes the student has shown at this high school and community.


_______________________________________ Date ____________________


Please return by May 15 :

Chris Andrews
6431 Cypress St
Portage, MI 49024

Email to :
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