All State Selection Procedures/Forms


There are many new varsity baseball coaches this season, so listed below is a brief description of how the MHSBCA selects the all district, all region, and all state teams.

Every varsity baseball coach in the state of Michigan should receive this information sheet from your district representative. You must be a member of the MHSBCA to take part in the all state process. You will also receive a packet in your email including the date and time of the district meeting you must attend if you want your student athletes to have a chance to be an all state player. Your district representative will also email this information to you. After the all district team is selected your district rep will attend an all region meeting hosted by your regional rep. Then each regional rep will attend the all state meeting in Lansing. This is a very brief description of how the all state teams are selected. If you have any questions you can contact the MHSBCA website and I will do my best to answer your questions.

All State Process: All Players must be nominated by their high school coach for the All District Team in their division, those players are then nominated by the District Representative for All Regional Team those Players are then Nominated for All State by their Regional Representative and selected by the All State Committee For their Division.

Listed below are the meeting dates for district and regional chairmen for 2018.

June 4th All District Meeting
June 11th All Regional Meeting
June 15th All State Meeting -Lansing

District and Regional Reps. Forms For your meeting are below your coaches can open them type their information on them and save it.  

District Meeting Memo
Regional Meeting Memo

Online Membership Registration
Membership Form

All District Ballots
Address Form
Stat Form
Individual All Academic Nomination Form
All Academic Team Form

District and Regional Meeting Certificate Downloads 
All District Player Certificate
Academic  All District Certificate
All Region Player Certificate
Academic All Region Certificate
All State Certificate
All State Academic Certificate

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